Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Nano-Satellite Launch Challenge

This is the most exciting news I've seen out of NASA in quite a while! This is right in line with what we have been planning.


Objective: to place a small satellite into Earth orbit, twice in one week.

PRIZE PURSE: $2 Million

Satellite mass - at least 1 kg
Satellite dimensions - at least 10 cm cube

Must complete at least one Earth orbit. Task must be accomplished twice in one week.

Purpose: To stimulate innovations in launch technology and to encourage creation of commercial nano-sat delivery services.

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  1. Excellent! This, combined with the earlier N Prize [ ] could stimulate a new commercial industry. This also gives Microlaunchers a leg up, as the original spec for the entry level "ML-1" is one Kg, or one Cubesat to LEO. The main mission being 100-200 grams to escape.

    The Microlaunchedr entry will incorporate this into the current plan and seek interested participants.